For more than two years I've used Frontend First to talk about whatever's going on in my day-to-day life doing frontend development, along with my co-host Ryan Toronto.

While we originally focused on Ember.js, these days we talk about whatever's happening in the world of JavaScript UI development.

Check out some of my favorite episodes below.

Adam Wathan on Tailwind CSS

I loved this conversation because Adam does a great job breaking down the utility-first CSS approach to its first principles.

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Yehuda Katz on Paradigms vs. Abstractions in UI Development

Yehuda is a wealth of knowledge. In this episode he shares why he believes abstractions should get more attention than paradigms – an interesting distinction I wasn't yet familiar with.

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Derrick Reimer on SPA Architecture with Elm and GraphQL

Derrick shares some really interesting aspects of the tech stack he used when building his real-time chat app, Level.

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Edward Faulkner on Embroider, Ember CLI's Modern Build System

Ed is one of those developers who pulls together insights from so many different areas of knowledge. I loved learning more about compilers in this episode.

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APIs are about Policy

This is a good representitive episode of the show since it's just Ryan and me talking. It's a bit of a special episode though, because in this one we do a deep dive of the wonderful essay "APIs are about Policy" by Steven Wittens.

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